Thursday, December 8, 2016

Moments that Make Change...

It is the time of year that there is a buzz in the air. Santa is coming, the hint of a chance of snow is every dropping degree, and it there is the mid-year testing. It can bring out the best and the worst in us all.

Many of you have had to dig deep into your behavior strategies, look up the notes from information shared earlier in the fall from our behavior interventionist, and problem solved with your team and the administration team. You all are working hard and we see it.

It idea hit this week in one particular conversation. The teacher was sharing how the student was always sharing out personal stories during openings or closings that did not pertain to the lesson. It was causing distractions and the rest of the students would get off course. It might even carry over, if that student didn't get to continue to share out, into other areas and behaviors would escalate. The comment that caused a light bulb to go off is when the teacher said, "He just is starving for my undivided attention." At that moment the article that was shared over a year ago came flooding back into my mind... the "2X10 Strategy." I shared the idea with the teacher to use in concert with an incentive/behavior chart.

Here is the article:

Since that conversation earlier in the week, that student has had more success than set-backs. As we push forward with resolve... what can we do to continue to invest? Who is your 2X10 kid that you think of as you read this article? How can a plan be put in place now or start when you return in 2017 to create a positive shift in momentum for our students? Now is the perfect time to recharge and adjust.


  1. Love this! Reminds me of the one year I had the most challenging kinder class I had ever had before. With one student in particular, the negative behaviors were escalating and it would set off other students into misbehaving. I knew We (the student and I) had to build our relationship before anything could get any better. The hard thing was, teaching kinder, you literally don't have a second to take a sip of coffee. You must be alert and keep the kids engaged every second of the day, not much downtime for one-on-one. I decided to contact parents about allowing the student to stay after school with me one day a week for 45min. We would call it tutorials, but it was really our time to talk, work on specific behaviors, build a relationship and parents loved the idea. The student got to talk to me, helped me prepare for the next day, and we role played situations that happened during the school day and how to handle them in a more appropriate way, we even practiced walking in the hallway. We reversed roles where he was the teacher and I was the student! Things got better immediately!!! He became a strong role model in my class and it built a lifelong relationship with him & his family! Thank you for sharing this! ❤️️

    1. Thank you Jen for sharing this insight. Relationship building is first and in many ways it is the best intervention when it comes to academic and behavioral needs.